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When An Uncontested Divorce Is The Right Choice

Not every couple separates acrimoniously. Sometimes both people realize it is just not going to work, and that divorce is the best thing. When this is the case, the couple works together to create an agreement without having to go to court.

Texas family law attorney Fayez Hatamleh will work with you to expedite the uncontested divorce process. Call 713-714-0029 and speak with him about your goals for the process.

How Is An Uncontested Divorce Different?

In an uncontested divorce, everything has been negotiated. There are no disputes over terms. Because everything has already been agreed to by both parties, you can be legally divorced in 61 days. Why exactly 61 days? Because in Texas, there is a 60-day waiting period. One day after the waiting period your divorce can be final.

Marriage is a relationship. Any time a relationship ends, there is bound to be some emotional fallout. Sometimes one person still has feelings for the other person but recognizes that the marriage will not work if both people are not committed to making it work. Sometimes couples have already gone through the “shouting and bitterness” stage and are ready to work together so that their lives can move forward. That is what is different about an uncontested divorce: both people have decided that – other feelings aside – it is better for everyone if they work together to end the marriage amicably.
In this case, your divorce can move through the court quickly if all of your documents are in order prior to filing with the court. Here is where working with an attorney can help. An attorney will know the exact steps and forms that need to be submitted. This will save you time and money, and give you peace of mind.

Technology And The Speed Of Divorce

Today’s technology makes it much easier to file documents. As an experienced Texas family law attorney, Fayez Hatamleh has developed a system to expedite the paperwork process. Almost everything can now be done electronically on a secure link through his software program. He can advise on property division and other issues. Couples with minor children are not eligible for an uncontested divorce.
The process is simple: Once you engage his services he will send you a questionnaire. Once you send this back, and typically within just over two months (about 61 days, give or take), your divorce will be final.

Take The Next Step And Move Your Life Forward

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