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Acquiring A Temporary Restraining Order

A temporary restraining order is usually requested with a petition for divorce. The temporary restraining order is an order signed by the judge without notice or hearing. The usual purpose of a temporary restraining order is to maintain the status quo (i.e., to “freeze” everything until a hearing can be held so that a judge can listen to evidence and make their decision).

The Hearing For Temporary Orders

During the pendency of a suit for divorce, the parties may request relief relating to the property of the parties and protection of the parties from the court, and the court may grant such relief as deemed equitable and necessary. On the motion of a party, after notice and hearing, the court may render an appropriate order, including:

  • Temporary injunctions for the preservation of assets and protection of the parties
  • Temporary orders for spousal support
  • Temporary orders for the payment of community debt
  • Orders for interim attorney’s fees and expenses
  • Discovery orders and an order setting the deadline for the filing of the parties’ sworn inventories
  • Order for appraisal of assets
  • Orders for temporary conservatorship of the child
  • Orders for the temporary support of the child
  • Order retraining a party from disturbing the peace of the child or another party
  • Orders prohibiting a person from removing the child beyond a geographical area identified by the court
  • Orders for payment of reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses
  • Orders for psychological evaluation of the parties, relative to the issues of conservatorship and possession of the children
  • Orders for preparation of a social study, relative to the issues of conservatorship of, possession of and access to the children
  • Orders for appointments of a representative for the child in a conservatorship dispute

Attorney Hatamleh can help you acquire a temporary restraining order to protect the current status of things until you have time to adapt to the new circumstances resulting from the divorce actions.

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