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The Dedicated Service You Need When Going Through A Divorce

At Fayez Law Group, PLLC, the goal of attorney Hatamleh is to educate and advise you so that you make the best decisions for you and your family. There is so much that goes into the divorce process such as: conservatorship (custody), child support, medical support, division of community property and division of community debt.

A divorce can be finalized by mutual agreement of the parties, through mediation, or after trial. Filing a divorce is a very difficult decision. For many, a divorce comes with fear, resentment and sadness. In fact, a lot of these emotions can affect your judgment during a divorce. In addition to the emotional side of a divorce, there are a lot of financial consequences that may arise. This is one reason to contact attorney Hatamleh and schedule a consultation. He will protect you and guide you during the entire divorce process.

Uncontested Divorce Versus Contested Divorce

An uncontested divorce requires that both parties be 100% in agreement with everything related to the divorce decree. This includes: the reason for the divorce, conservatorship, child support, medical support, possession and access, and distribution of property and debt. Should the parties disagree on one or more of these issues, the divorce will become a “contested divorce.” An uncontested divorce is the cheapest and fastest way to obtain a divorce.

The Stages Of A Contested Divorce

Every divorce is different, but there are some aspects of the process that happen in almost every case.

Filing The Petition For Divorce

In order to obtain jurisdiction to file a petition for divorce, you must have lived in Texas for a minimum of six months and 90 days in the county where the divorce will be filed. It does not matter where the marriage occurred. A petition for divorce is potentially five lawsuits in one:

  1. A suit for the dissolution of the marriage.
  2. A suit to divide the property of the marriage.
  3. A suit for spousal maintenance.
  4. A suit affecting the parent-child relationship.
  5. A suit for any inter-spousal or third-party tort or contract actions.

The petition for divorce includes important information regarding the marriage, community property, separate property, child “custody”, child support, child medical support and spousal support. The petition does not need to include specific evidentiary facts; however, one must plead grounds substantially in the language of the statute. Texas law requires that a petition for divorce remain on file for a minimum of 60 days prior to finalizing the divorce.

The Discovery Process

Discovery is a process where each party is allowed an opportunity to ask questions and request documentation from the other side. Discovery allows a fair division of property as it forces each party to disclose all assets and liabilities. The permissible forms of discovery are:

  • Request for disclosure
  • Request for production and inspection of documents
  • Requests and motion for entry and examination of real property
  • Interrogatories
  • Requests for admissions
  • Oral and/or written depositions
  • Motions for mental or physical examination

An attorney can advise you on this process and what will be needed.

Get The Personal Guidance And Committed Service You Need

Fayez Law Group, PLLC, provides you with the one-on-one attention you deserve. The divorce process can be tricky to navigate and can at times feel overwhelming with the documentation required. Having a trusted attorney attend to the grueling details frees you up to do the things that matter in your life. Call 713-714-0029 and speak with Fayez. You can also reach him via the website contact email form. Located in Friendswood, Fayez works with clients throughout the Southeastern Houston area.