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Texas State Law And Your Required Child Support

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Texas law requires that all parents support their children. The noncustodial parent (parent not living with the child) is typically required to pay child support to the primary conservator (parent with the exclusive right to designate child’s residence). The Texas Family Code dictates what the child support guidelines are.

Texas Child Support Calculations Chart

Texas child support calculations chart

Child support is calculated by obtaining a certain percentage of the noncustodial parent’s net monthly income. The percentage will only be applied to the first $9,200 of the noncustodial parent’s monthly net resources. Nevertheless, should the child have a disability or any additional needs, additional support may be obtained. The chart above can help you calculate child support in Texas.

What If The Noncustodial Parent Is Not Working?

The court will order child support to be based on minimum wage. Many people have questions as to how to calculate the net income of an individual as it could be very confusing.

Simply put, we take the gross income of a parent who is obligated to pay support and subtract Social Security, federal taxes, cost of health insurance for the child and union dues. The calculation can get tricky when the noncustodial parent is self-employed and does not obtain a regularly scheduled paycheck. Do not get caught up with the numbers! Call attorney Fayez Hatamleh at 713-714-0029 for a consultation to get a detailed explanation of the calculation.

Has Your Ex Not Paid Child Support During The Entire Time You Were Separated?

Not a problem! Texas law allows you to obtain retroactive child support, for up to four years. The retroactive child support will be obtained through a judgment and a monthly payout, on said judgment. The retroactive child support will be calculated like child support (i.e., a specific percentage of your ex’s net monthly income). However, the net income used will be what was earned during the years the retroactive child support is being sought (not their current net income).

Have You Been Providing For Your Child Without A Child Support Order?

Keep all receipts and proof of payments that you have made throughout the years. Should you ever find yourself in court, it would be wise to have proof that you have been providing for your child. If the court sees your involvement (financial and emotional) with the child, you may avoid a judgment for retroactive child support. Child custody and changes to custody do affect the amount of support that is paid.

Work With A Family Law Attorney Sensitive To Your Parenting Matter

Fayez Law Group, PLLC, is sensitive both to the emotional and financial elements of divorced or never-married parents. He will explain how the system works and what your options are in your specific situation. Call the Friendswood office at 713-714-0029 and speak with Fayez. You can also reach him by filling out the contact email form.  Fayez works with clients from all over the Houston metro area.