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3 reasons you should go for an uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2022 | Uncontested Divorce |

When you and your spouse have resolved to end your marriage, you will have the option of settling your divorce out of court or before the judge. If you believe that you can resolve your divorce terms amicably, and neither party is willing to drag the process longer than necessary, then you can opt for an uncontested divorce.

As the name suggests, an uncontested divorce is simply a divorce where no one is disputing the terms of the divorce, such as child custody and visitation, property division and spousal support, among others. So why should you give uncontested divorce a chance?

It saves money

From legal fees to court costs, divorce costs money. In fact, data reports that the average Texan divorce can cost upward of $15,600. You will keep your costs down if you can see eye-to-eye on the most important aspects of the divorce.

It saves time

A litigated divorce is subject to the court’s calendar. But that’s not all. A litigated divorce can take a long time to resolve, especially when parties cannot agree on a settlement. It goes without saying that this can take a huge emotional toll on everyone. Uncontested divorce, however, moves much faster since the parties are not bound by the court’s schedule.

It gives you control over the process

By agreeing on the terms of the divorce, an uncontested divorce gives you control of the entire process. If the divorce is contested, you have to leave it to the court to decide. And there is a pretty good chance some outcomes may not sit well with you. Remember, the court does not know your history, goals and wants on sensitive issues like child custody and living arrangements. The only way to truly get what will work for everyone is to settle your divorce out of court.

Divorce can be an emotionally taxing process. Find out how you can make an uncontested divorce work for you.