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2 tips to help you co-parent effectively

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Custody & Visitation |

When you’re divorced, things can get tricky when it comes to parenting. There are a lot of new territories to navigate, and one of the biggest challenges is learning how to co-parent effectively.

There is no handbook for co-parenting, but there are some tips that can help make the process a bit smoother. By working together and communicating effectively, you can make things easier for yourself and your children.

Here are some general guidelines you can start applying now.


Of course, communication is not always easy – especially when emotions are running high. But there are a few things you can do to make it a bit easier:

  • Make sure you each have a dedicated time and place to talk about parenting matters – whether that’s a weekly catch-up over the phone or coffee or a regular meeting to discuss any issues that have arisen.
  • Make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to major decisions about your child/children – such as schooling, medical treatment, or extracurricular activities. If you can’t agree on something, try to find a compromise that everyone is happy with.
  • If you’re struggling to communicate with each other, consider seeking out professional help – whether that’s from a counselor, mediator, or lawyer. They can help you find a way to communicate effectively and resolve any disagreements you may have.

Talk to your kids

Parental divorce is one of the most challenging things a child can go through. In addition to the emotional turmoil of seeing their family unit suddenly change, kids often blame themselves for the separation. As a result, both parents need to talk to their kids and remind them constantly that it’s not their fault. By presenting a united front and stressing that both parents still love them, kids can begin to process the divorce in a healthy way. If necessary, counseling can also be an invaluable resource for kids struggling to deal with their parents’ separation. By getting professional help, kids can learn how to express their feelings and develop coping mechanisms for dealing with the stress of divorce.

Co-parenting can be a difficult task, but it can be done successfully with the right tools and guidance.