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What happens if your ex won’t let you see the children?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2022 | Custody & Visitation |

In theory, both you and your ex should comply with the custody order by fulfilling your obligations to the children. Even if you haven’t filed paperwork to establish parenting time, you should be able to connect with your children. 

When you show up for your parenting time, you should be able to see your children. Unfortunately, some parents will intentionally interfere in the relationship between their children and their ex as a form of revenge. What can you do if your ex won’t let you see the kids according to the custody order? 

You can ask for custody enforcement

The Texas family courts are well aware that some parents will weaponize shared custody to punish another person. You can ask them to enforce your custody order

If your ex doesn’t let you spend time with the children, there are certain procedures that you will need to follow. You will need to document your lost parenting time so that you can show the courts what your ex has done. 

In some cases, they may suggest or require that you go through mediation to resolve the custody dispute. If your ex won’t agree to mediation or if it is unsuccessful, then the courts can potentially enforce your custody order. They may instruct your ex to allow you make-up parenting time, change the custody order to give you more access to the children or even penalize your spouse for their contempt of court. 

Initiating enforcement actions can help you when your ex doesn’t uphold your shared custody arrangement.