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Can you avoid a difficult divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce can be a long-drawn-out affair that leaves you bitter for years to come, yet that is not obligatory. If you would like to settle things sooner, at less expense and with fewer negative residual outcomes, then you can. Or at least you can try to.

Whether a marriage works depends on two people, and so does divorce. If your spouse is hellbent on making divorce difficult, it will not be as simple as you hope. Yet, provided you both commit to a low-stress divorce, you should be able to achieve it. That is not to say there won’t be ups and downs along the way.

Can you stop your spouse from divorcing you?

You might not want to divorce, yet if your spouse files, it will happen anyway. So you may as well focus on an exit strategy rather than fighting for a lost cause.

Here are some ways to ease your divorce:

  • Work together, not against each other: Divorce can get personal because marriage is personal, but fighting will only delay the process. If you reach a consensus on everything, such as custody and property division, you can take your agreement to a judge for an uncontested divorce. If you disagree on one thing, then everything will take longer.
  • Share information: Maybe one of you did most of the family finances during the marriage. Even if your spouse showed little interest up to this point or struggles to understand the finer details of tax rates and compound interest, they need all the information. You do not have to sit and explain it to them. Just give them copies or access, and they can consult someone about it. You need to negotiate over the division of assets, and you can only do that if you both have all the information. If you refuse, they can get a court order. If you hide assets, a court might penalize you.

If you can see the benefits in easing the divorce process, it is crucial to find out more. Accurate information can help avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.