Experienced, Professional, Caring And Courteous

An Attorney Who Has Been There, And Will Be There For You

Attorney Fayez Hatamleh had a lot of life experience before entering the legal profession. Unlike attorneys who go directly to law school after getting their undergrad degree, Fayez can relate to the kind of work and life experiences that happen outside of legal circles. This allows him to better understand what his clients are going through and connect with them on a more personal level.
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Going Above And Beyond

In any service profession, you can do the bare minimum necessary to get the job done, or you can be conscious of the emotional and informational needs of the client. Fayez seeks to do more than just what will just suffice. Instead, he takes a vested interest in what you are dealing with and what you want to happen. He understands that many divorces, especially those that involve high conflict have an aspect of grief and loss to them, and he works to offer the support and resources you need during this time.

Attorney Hatamleh makes it a point to ensure that you understand not only the steps to the process but also the options available and the likely outcomes of any decisions made. He is an experienced mediator and can advise you on how to avoid the time and costs of going to trial by negotiating outside of court. His experience includes serving as a client representative and as a mediator. Whether you settle your legal issues through mediation or in court, attorney Hatamleh is highly responsive and stays with you every step of the way, offering guidance, support and personal counsel.

An Attorney Who Will Show Up For You

Dedicated to ensuring the smoothest process possible, Fayez seeks to handle the most stressful aspects of your family law matter. This enables you to center on what you need to have a personally successful outcome. Call 713-714-0029 and speak with Fayez. You can also reach him at the firm via website contact email. Located in Friendswood, Fayez serves clients throughout Houston.